Mission, Vision & Values


We advance accountability and justice around the world through locally-driven and survivor-centred approaches.


We believe in a world in which people secure basic rights, are free from violence, access justice, and participate fully in society.


Our values are the principles that guide every facet of our work and are embodied by every member of our team as we strive to enhance justice and accountability around the world for survivors of human rights violations. Grounded in human rights principles, we hold these values at the core of every project that we design and implement, ensuring that our values are put into practice every step of the way.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to fostering and strengthening a culture and practice of diversity and inclusion in both our work and our workplace where everyone is valued, where differences are respected and celebrated, and where opportunity and equitable treatment is afforded to all. Integrating diversity and inclusion into our work means acknowledging and respecting differences including gender and gender identity, race, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and educational background. Through this lens, we make it our priority to focus our work on raising the voices of those who would otherwise be excluded from mainstream systems and practices.

Equitable partnerships

We recognize and learn from the expertise of our local partners and treat our programming as a partnership rooted in mutual respect. We believe in supporting the sustainability and scale of the work of our local partners by providing capacity building support and partnership when needed and requested. Our programming is developed by actively listening to the identified needs of our partners and closely coordinating justice and accountability interventions to develop survivor-centred programming that is responsive to the needs and realities on the ground.

Robust accountability

Rooted in human rights principles, we are committed to fulfilling obligations to rights-holders, program participants, partners, donors, and justice systems to act ethically and do no harm. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest ethical standards and are committed to working with donors who also uphold the same values and principles. We adhere to ‘Do No Harm’ principles in all of our programming by working in close partnership with local partners, engaging in robust needs assessments, ensuring that programs we design centre the needs of the most marginalized, and that our monitoring and evaluation practices incorporate real time feedback mechanisms to ensure continuous learning and improvement.

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