It takes courage
to demand justice

Synergy for Justice is a women-led, multidisciplinary team working to advance justice, end impunity for human rights violations, and ensure survivors can access the services and opportunities they need to heal and fully participate in society.

Arbitrary detention, torture, and sexual violence are being used as weapons of war and oppression in many countries around the world. Civilians who oppose authoritarian regimes are subjected to gross human rights violations perpetrated by authoritarian governments determined to break individual, social, and political opposition to their oppressive regimes. Existing justice systems in these areas are incapable or willing to hold perpetrators accountable.

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To advance justice and end impunity for torture
and conflict-related sexual violence we:

Support Survivors and their Communities

Empowering survivors of human rights violations to hold perpetrators accountable and ensuring they can access the support services they need to heal from their experiences and fully participate in society.

Elevate Women’s Voices in Transitional Justice

Elevating the voices of women to lead transitional justice processes.  Peace, democracy, and reconciliation cannot be achieved unless women’s experiences, leadership, and wisdom are fully incorporated in transitional justice efforts.

Equip Justice Actors and Promote Accountability

Equipping justice actors to be survivor-centric, trauma-informed, and capable of reliably convicting perpetrators and protecting the rights and mental health of survivors.

“The war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated upon the Syrian people must not go unpunished. We are proud to support LDHR and Synergy and their efforts to increase Syrian capacity and expertise to document these grave violations, support survivors of sexual violence and fight stigma. Justice will eventually prevail, regardless of how long and difficult the journey may be.”

Jonathan Hargreaves,
Former UK Special Representative for Syria

Your donation to Synergy helps communities and survivors reclaim their lives and hold perpetrators accountable.

Our Impact

Syrian cases of torture and sexual violence forensically documented
Survivors of human rights violations referred for holistic life-saving services
Medical and legal professionals trained on Istanbul Protocol medical evaluations
First responders trained in interventions for survivors of sexual violence and torture
Cases submitted to European justice actors
Women receiving legal services
Women receiving psychosocial services
Syrian women whose voices perspectives and experiences informed the development of protocols to document and investigate sexual violence in Syria
Communities completed stigma action plans


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