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Help us ensure that survivors of torture and sexual violence can pursue justice, receive the care they need to heal, and fully participate in society.

Synergy for Justice is a women-led, multi-disciplinary team working to advance justice and end impunity for torture, sexual violence, and human rights violations. In collaboration with partner organisations, we ensure that survivors of human rights violations can pursue justice and heal from trauma.

Synergy also works with women activists and leaders to make sure that women’s voices are elevated and included in transitional justice processes in their countries. Peace, democracy, and reconciliation cannot be achieved unless women’s experiences, recommendations, and concerns are fully incorporated in transitional justice efforts.

Your tax-deductible donation to Synergy for Justice helps us to support local justice actors and connect survivors with essential medical and social services to help them heal and return to their communities.

As a mental health therapist I strongly support the work of Synergy for Justice because I believe in the mission to support those who have suffered from trauma and therefore struggle with access to basic human rights due to stigma or being silenced.

Corey Wetzel, Monthly donor

As a medical practitioner I support Synergy for Justice as a women-led organization rooted in the medical advocacy for justice and human rights.

Dr. Saleh Eftaiha, Monthly donor

As I attempted my first marathon in NYC on November 5th, 2023, I had an opportunity to raise awareness for Synergy for Justice, fundraise for the work they do, and, more importantly, for the countless generations of children who are in dire need of trauma recovery and justice.

Joyce De Coninck, Human rights activist

I am proud to support Synergy for Justice.  Its unique partnering relationship with local actors ensures that skills to collect and preserve evidence of torture and conflict-related violence are securely situated in the community, increasing ownership of justice and accountability processes.

Tejal Jesrani, Director

We are so grateful for all of the generous support for Synergy for Justice's programming in conflict-affected settings. Our work is of vital importance to our partners and because of the way we partner with them. Our aim is always to work in a sustainable and long-term fashion to provide actors on the ground not only with the technical support and guidance that they need to deliver justice for victims and survivors of international crimes, but also to help them grow and sustain their organisations so that they will be here for years to come. Thank you for your support.

Stephanie Barbour, Director

Join us in our mission to equip justice actors on the ground and help survivors of torture and sexual violence pursue justice and reclaim their lives. Your donation will have a direct impact!

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