Feedback and Complaints

Synergy for Justice and its partners have a zero-tolerance policy to sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse, fraud and abuse of power. This open form is designed for stakeholders, partners, and participants to share information about potential incidents of fraud, sexual harassment, and exploitation, or any abuse of power committed by Synergy personnel or by partners of Synergy for Justice. Please share as much information as possible about the incident so that we are able to look into it. Dates, places, names, and specific details about the concern are also extremely important. You may remain anonymous, but please be aware that the less information we have, the more difficult it will be to fully investigate the matter. Furthermore, if you decline to provide an email address or Whatsapp number in the text box of this complaint, we will be unable to follow up to ask you further questions or to share our findings.

This feedback will be sent confidentially to the Executive Director of Synergy for Justice, who will treat it with all due respect and seriousness, sharing confidentially with the Board of Directors as necessary.

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