The holiday season is a time for family and children. This year, please take some time to think about children who are affected by war and torture.

Children who have survived torture, sexual violence, and detention need help. They need access to safe, confidential support services, including medical care, sexual and reproductive health, psychological support, and legal assistance. Arranging forensic medical evaluations to document their cases is an important first step to their recovery. However, as expertise in this field is limited, very few children have received this service.

Every child case must be handled with extreme care so as not to retraumatize whilst obtaining evidence for court. Doctors need special training and mentoring to ensure that they interact sensitively but effectively in these difficult circumstances. Documentation from the evaluations can be used not only to prosecute perpetrators, but also for the children to seek asylum in another country. The evaluations will also serve as referrals for follow-up care including mental health support, treatment for unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other treatment for other chronic conditions resulting from their suffering.

A donation from you will go towards designing and implementing a program to support child survivors of torture and sexual violence.

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